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Monday, 02 February 2015

Review of "5 Second Rule" - from Sarah @ The Village Toy Shop in Easton  


I bought this game to play during a family get together. The object of the game is very simple -name 3 things that fit into a specific category in 5 Seconds.

Not always easy to do! But super fun!   A few of the categories are "Name three... Brands of automobiles, Elvis Presley songs, spices, types of donuts, famous bald people! Not as easy as it may sound..especially if the category is Greek Gods, or minor league baseball teams!!  It depends on if you are familiar with the categories... My nephew nailed the last one! ( I think he rattled off about 8)


Here is the tough part, if the first player can't think of the 3 answers, it goes to the next player, BUT they can't repeat ANY of the first players answers!  There is a timer that is included... a long yellow tube that makes a silly sound ( half the fun!! ) but when the game gets started.. there is sure to be LOTS of laughter and  it may be hard to hear the "timer".  

We had "teams" because there was a lot of people that wanted to play, but we each just took turns within our team. If you / your team answer correctly, you collect the card. The winner is the one that has the most cards. The tag line to this game is "Just spit it out" ... SO true, just yell it out! Great game...  Game says ages 10+. I would  agree with the ages listed...we had ages 16+ in our group and had a blast! 

Sarah - Sales associate @ Village Toy Shop Easton 



Job Opportunities

Thursday, 02 July 2009

The Village Toy Shop is always looking for great people. We have part-time sales associate opportunities in our Canton location. Flexibilty with day, evening and weekends is desirable and availability must continue through the fall and winter months. If you want a retail postion that allows your fun personality to shine this is the place for you. "Something fun is happening at The Village Toy Shop every day!"  Please visit our Canton store to fill out an application. 

Hope to see you soon!

Michele Harrington - store manager 

Canton: 95 Washington St., Canton, MA 02021 (781-821-9374)